Adepa (prev. Vernx) Daily Peribiotics (30 x 1g)


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Product Overview

Note: Vernx is now renamed as Adepa.  Only the name has changed and the product is otherwise identical.

Adepa Peribiotics are made with a proprietary spore-forming strain of the ‘good’ bacteria,
Bacillus subtilis (BG01-4TM). This strain naturally contains branched fats, which are an abundant fatty acid found in vernix caseosa. Branched fats are the key components of your first meal as a baby. These branched fats support the development of gut cells, leading to a healthy immune system and additionally contribute to the foundational phase in the establishment of the gut microbiome.

The Adepa Peribiotics healthy gut strategy is to “rebirth your gut” by enriching your gut cells with branched fats, which may also contribute to healthy ‘good’ bacteria through its incorporation into the cell membranes. This sets up the right foundation to support a healthy microbiome. By reintroducing the branched fats that were naturally present during the 3rd trimester of the gestational period and through breast milk, it aims to allow the gut to use those same raw materials to initiate a series of growth and repair strategies, which was part of the primary development, to “rebirth your gut”.

The Daily Peribiotics carton contains 30 x 1g serves in sachets. The powder has a neutral taste that easily mixes in water, yohurt, smoothies or cereal. It is free from milk, egg, nuts, gluten and soy.

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Bacillus subtilis.

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